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What Informs My Practice

My passion is for Classical Chinese Medicine. Rather than a style of practice, it is an immersion in the history of the medicine and provides, from a comprehensive perspective, an understanding of what shaped medical theories, biases and strategies. As a student of medical history, I am more than a technician; I operate as a critical thinker and a stronger ally in the healing process.

I have been studying with my principal teacher, Dr. Jeffrey Yuen, since 2009. Dr. Yuen is an 88th generation Daoist priest from the Jade Purity tradition. By spending roughly 125 hours a year studying with Dr. Yuen, I’ve expanded my post-graduate education in Classical Chinese Medicine quite extensively.

These studies include both comprehensive, multi-year programs and concentrated sessions covering topics such as Chinese medical history, philosophy, acupuncture, dietary principles, Chinese herbal medicine, self-cultivation, and the Classical Chinese medical use of essential oils. My studies with Dr. Yuen have helped me to increase my commitment to the intensive study of Chinese Medicine and both enriched and elevated the level of care that I offer my patients.

One of the most challenging yet rewarding tenets of my practice has been centered on self-cultivation. Using introspective query to clarify and polish the authentic self, we can free ourselves from the constraints of habituation.  These can be seen as the day-in and day-out routines that we follow without much awareness or consciousness. By choosing to look at and to evaluate our “automatic pilot” we can be more conscious of the choices that hinder us from a more natural alignment with happiness, vitality and health. This can be as simple as creating awareness around healthier options in foods, an over scheduled life and reactive emotional triggers.

My studies and personal exploration lead me on a continuing journey, alongside my patients, to unravel the mysteries and practices that create “a life well lived.”


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