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Virtual Visits

The safe and confidential way to continue to support your health when you aren’t able to come into the office.  Whether because of stay-at-home orders, or just busy life, Virtual Visits are customized to each patient, just like in-office visits.  Each appointment can feature a mix of modalities and includes one-on-one guidance via video conference, to treat conditions as wide ranging as stress, anxiety, insomnia, and lower back pain.

Fully support your health and wellbeing from home

Virtual Visits can include:

How does this treatment option work?

  1. Schedule your appointment
  2. Sharon curates your “Virtual Visit Care Package”
  3. Chose contact-less pickup or delivery of your care package
  4. Logon for your private, secure video appointment with Sharon
  5. Feel better!

Just like in the office, your video chat will start by discussing your concerns and issues. Sharon will look at your tongue and then guide you through the proper use and placement of the pieces of your care kit.  Like a regular appointment, you’ll relax and Sharon will stay with you for the full 20 minute treatment.  Don’t let at home acupuncture scare you.  If you can put on a band-aid, you can effectively use microneedles!  The video chat will wrap up with advice on next steps, how long you can “wear” your treatment and any necessary updates to your herbal formulas or treatment plan.

Virtual Visits are $100, including your customized care package.  The cost of compounded herbs is additional.

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