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Your body shouldn’t hold you back from living

From migraine headaches to plantar fasciitis, and all the body aches in between, Empirical Point can help you focus on living, not on your pain. Through In-person or virtual appointments, Sharon Is particularly adept at the treatment of acute and chronic pain conditions.  By employing knowledge of musculoskeletal dysfunction and trigger point theory and feedback, Sharon treats conditions including, back pain, shoulder injuries, knee pain, neck pain, TMJ and sports injuries.

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Customized care tailored to you

When treating any condition, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. Your therapeutic combination is yours alone, based on your current symptoms and overall health. During each treatment, there are multiple modalities in Chinese medicine to draw upon to expediate your wellness including:

If you have a health concern or interest in a modality that is not listed, please contact me to talk about how I can help.

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Supporting You Safely –
Now and in the Future.

Currently, the office schedule is limited for in-person appointments, but Sharon is also available to support you through Virtual Visits – an online, safe and confidential one-on-one appointment that can help to address stress, anxiety, insomnia, chronic conditions and overall health.

With this fully customized experience, everything you need for your appointment with Sharon will arrive at your door. Using time tested and thoroughly researched methods, such as moxibustion and stick-on microneedles, Sharon will guide you through an effective treatment from the comfort and safety of your own home. Use the Book Appointment button to get started with Virtual Visits today!

Have questions? Sharon is happy to address them and is actively monitoring messages and accepting calls.