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Mission & Approach

Philadelphia Acupuncture Mission

The overarching mission of Empirical Point is to empower patients and to optimize their health and well-being using comprehensive Oriental Medicine (also known as Chinese Medicine) training and expertise, including extensive acupuncture experience. Empirical Point is different from the vast majority of similar practices in the Philadelphia region in that we offer truly customized patient care through tailored acupuncture programs, Oriental Medicine and Chinese herbal therapy and we are committed to educating consumers, conventional medical providers and the broader community about the concomitant value of complementary and alternative medicine approaches such as acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Philadelphia Acupuncture Vision & Approach

Empirical Point educates, guides and empowers personal health through the offering of expert acupuncture and Oriental Medicine / Chinese Medicine knowledge and herbal treatments. Our vision is to continue to create and grow an accessible and integrated practice that delivers excellence and integrity in complementary care.










Empirical Point Acupuncture

40 W. Evergreen Ave, Suite 112
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Proudly serving the Philadelphia Community since 2001.
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