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Acupuncture for Migraine Relief: Get Rid of Headaches & Migraine


Chinese medicine can relieve headaches
acupuncture and Chinese medicine relieve migraines

Summer is almost here and the bright sunshine and longer days are a welcome treat. For some people, though, that bright light can trigger headaches or, worse, a migraine.

For those people that suffer regular headaches or chronic migraines, the pain and discomfort can be debilitating. But, acupuncture has been shown to be an effective treatment that can offer relief. In fact, there is a wealth of information available that outlines the effect acupuncture can have on reducing headaches and migraines. One study in the British Medical Journal followed a group of 400 patients suffering from headaches – half of the patients received acupuncture treatments. A year later, researchers found that the patients that received acupuncture treatments experienced 22 fewer days with headaches, used 15% less medication, made 25% fewer visits to their doctor and took 15% fewer days off sick from work than the patients that did NOT receive acupuncture.

Migraines can be particularly painful and can render a patient unable to participate in daily activities or go to school or work. Acupuncture treatments and herbal medicine regimens that are customized to each patient’s needs can make a huge difference. Working with individual patients to determine their headache profile, migraine triggers, optimal diet and the most effective treatment approach is one way Chinese Medicine experts can help minimize the strain and pain this condition can have. Here’s an interesting online resource from the University of Maryland Medical Center with more useful information about foods, triggers and treatments.

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