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If you’re familiar with me, or the Empirical Point practice, you know I’m not one to seek attention or accolades.  As a perpetual student and lifelong learner, I understand that being “the best” is an on-going journey and not simply an achievement.  For me this journey includes staying current in my field and innovating around how I can provide excellence in customer service, every day.  However, there have been times on this journey where Empirical Point has been recognized by you, our patients, for our continued efforts on this journey of excellence.  And while the awards alone aren’t what keep me going, knowing that patients of Empirical Point take time out of their days to recognize this practice in polls and contests, speaks volumes.  With each award received, I’m honored, humbled and inspired to stay committed to this on-going journey of being the best. 

So, with gratitude, I present Empirical Point’s awards and achievements:

  • Philly Happening Magazine – Philly Happening List Best Acupuncture 20202019, 2018 & 2016 (Finalist in 2017)
  • Reader’s Choice Award – Top Acupuncturist 2017 & 2016
  • PHL Hot List 2017 – Voted #1 Best Acupuncture Practice 
  • PHL Hot List Finalist for Best Acupuncture Practice 2016, 2014, 2013
  • Named “Philadelphia’s Best in Acupuncture” by Insight Magazine
best acupuncturist philadelphia 2020
best philly acupuncture 2020
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