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Finding Health with Acupuncture Treatment

The flow of Qi is influenced by every single life event, for better or worse. Some factors that disturb the flow are beyond our control, such as heredity, trauma and certain environmental conditions. The thousands of micro-decisions we make every day also affect Qi: what we eat, how we sleep, how we cope with stress and emotional states such as anxiety, grief, anger or fear. Today’s modern, hectic lifestyle sets us up for imbalance. Symptoms are the body’s messages that something is wrong. You have only to glance at popular media to see that we live in a symptomatic society!

Acupuncture effectively treats a wide range of symptoms, but the enduring philosophy of Oriental Medicine offers even more. Acupuncture works beyond symptomatic relief to harmonize the root imbalance from which symptoms originate. Truly holistic Chinese Medicine invites the patient to take an active role in regaining health, augmenting the subtle power of this approach. Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine focus attention on the root of the imbalance, eliminating or effectively managing symptoms when other treatments have had a waning impact or failed altogether.










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