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How to Relieve Lower Back Pain with Acupuncture & Pilates Exercises

pilates helps relieve back pain
pilates helps back pain

Lower back pain does not have to drain your spirit or keep you from an active lifestyle.  The cause could stem from a number of culprits, both external and internal.  The good news: Acupuncture and Pilates can support you and the activities that you enjoy.

Acupuncture works to remove and deactivate the “trigger points” or areas of localized constriction and inflammation.  The use of acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine expedites healing in a two-pronged manner.  First, by working to relieve inflammation, local congestion and stagnation, pain is reduced.  After the local circulation is restored, the task is to nourish the tendons, discs, and musculature so that they return to a more fluid and supple state.

After healing the initial trauma with acupuncture and Chinese medicine, it’s time to retrain the body by incorporating a steady Pilates practice.  This can decompress the spine, build stamina and strength and get you into alignment.

Pilates is an exercise method used to strengthen and stretch your whole body simultaneously.  Through a series of specific exercises performed on equipment or on a mat, you’ll get to strengthen your core (deep abdominals) and many other muscle groups.  Pilates uses an approach of integrated breathing and movement to access, activate, and isolate muscles.  These exercises initiate a deeper understanding of how we move through life.  By creating this greater awareness, we are able to unwind and modify structural and postural imbalances that contribute to chronic back pain and limited range of motion.

The need for balance and support from the inside out is crucial.  By combining Acupuncture and Pilates you will find a complete, integrated, and holistic approach to relieving your back pain.  In most cases, the pain subsides considerably – if not completely.  What’s more, your overall health gets stronger and more resilient in the process!

Information on Pilates instruction in Philadelphia and Bryn Mawr can be found on Christina Fanizzi’s informative website Pilates Alchemy.

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