Pulse Diagnosis

Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis (CCPD) is a touch-based method of reading a person’s health by assessing the qualities of the radial pulse. Drawing largely from ancient systems of pulse diagnosis, CCPD allows the modern-day practitioner to gather diagnostic information by feeling the pulse at six principle and 22 complementary positions on both wrists.

As its name implies, Contemporary Chinese Pulse Diagnosis is a relatively recent evolution in the history of this unique specialty. By no means a new thing, the millennia-old art/science of pulse diagnosis was brought to the United States from China in 1971 by Dr. John F. Shen OMD, a well-respected practitioner of Chinese Medicine. Dr. Shen was joined in apprenticeship by Leon Hammer, MD and over 30 years of intense collaboration, the two developed a comprehensive body of documentation that serves as standard protocol for today’s practitioner. The work of Drs. Shen and Hammer is part wisdom of the ages and part scientific method, updated and completely relevant to the 21st century diagnostician.

CCPD is a comprehensive methodology, taking years of study and hands-on training with a properly credentialed teacher. It is a deep communication, which requires the practitioner’s keen awareness and sensitivity. Subtle variations in volume, rhythm and strength at various locations and depths point to potential imbalance, informing the eventual diagnosis.

Sharon Sherman has been studying CCPD and applying it in her practice since 2002. Through the careful exploration of requisite pulse positions, Sharon gathers observations that help paint a picture of your health condition and guide her in formulating your unique treatment plan.

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